A primer, hooking up the antennas, radio and starting the software for satellite

Above video shows the Gator Nation Earth Station in action.  Below is portable SAT ops for APRS

Operating portable using hand-held satellite equipment available for check-out


See our Operating Satellites Portable Page for More Videos and Resources


Use our W4DFU GNES SAT station primer as an aide for getting on the air.  Review it and our online videos then go the station to learn, practice, and make two way contacts (QSOs) with other hams. Have fun!

SAT Station Primer

We have earned the Japan Amateur Satellite Association JAMSAT Five Stars Award #14 . Click for full view

SAT Station Component Manuals
(PDF format)

Antenna: Hy-Gain DB-218 UHF/VHF
Yaesu G-5500
Rotator Interface:
Yaesu GS-232B
Icom IC-910H
Radio Interface:
Icom CT-17
Kantronics KPC-9612-plus
HT portable:
Kenwood TH-D7a(G)
70cm Preamp:
SSB Electronics SP-7000


The Gator Nation Earth Station (GNES) is UF's ground station for amateur satellite communications.

SAT Pass Online Resources

Heavens-Above Satellite Passes

OpenAPRS Satellite Passes

AMSAT Passes, EL89

AMSAT Satellite Status

Tracking Software: SATPC32 (Manual)
Communication: WiSP32

Affiliated with the Radio Amateur Satellite Corp


UF Student Satellite Tracking Station CIRCA 1964, click for article

DX Audio recordings SAT AO7B:

W4DFU - LU6QI (CW) 4/21/2011

AA4FL-WC7V (CW) 4/15/2011

AA4FL-K5QXJ (SSB) 4/15/2011

AA4FL-LU6QI (CW) 4/15/2011

XE2AT-LU6QI (Spanish) 4/13/2011

LU6QI-XE1AO (Spanish) 2011

GARC Friend Phil Royce, KE4PWE, operating the Gator Nation Earth Station, GNES

Who is going to Mars?

Phil working on the GNES antenna array

In 2005 GARC visited the UF Jove Radio Observatory in Old Town, FL

call sign for

Visit the Florida AMSAT NET
using Echolink and W4DFU
 Thursday nights 7:30 pm local time

Radio Observatory Prof. Dr. Francisco Reyes describes the operation to club members