The Gator Amateur Radio Club and station W4DFU QTH (Location)

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We are located in the Dental Sciences Building in the Shands Hospital/Health Center complex.  The room number is D11-27, 11th floor of the dental building.  Parking is located on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the visitor's west parking garage, just west of this 11 story building.  The garage and building can be seen on the map below.  The road leading to the building comes down the hill from Museum road near the Reitz Union (Center Drive). Turn right before the garage (Mowry Road) and enter through the ramps between two garages. Alternately one may enter using center drive off of Archer Road. Once parked enter the building through the West-side main double door glass entry closest to Archer Road.  Walk past faculty practice, the waiting area and for the next hallway/elevators on your left.  D11-27 is near the middle of the hallway on the 11th floor. 

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