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SAT Pass Online Resources

Frequency Chart for Program HT portable Ops-
HeavensAbove Satellite Passes-
OpenAPRS Satellite- Passes
AMSAT Passes, EL89-
AMSAT Satellite Status

SAT Portable Manuals
(PDF format)

HT portable: Kenwood TH-D7a(G)
HT portable: ICOM W32A Duplex HT
HT portable: Yaesu FT60R HT

SAT HH ANT: ArrowII with Duplexer
SAT HH MultiMode: Yaesu FT-817


Operating portable using
hand-held satellite equipment
available for check-out

Operating EasySat AO-51 portable,  Best satellite to start with.

Having a portable Satellite get-together for making contacts with OSCAR satellites

Assembling and Using an Arrow II portable SAT antenna with duplexer

Using a Yaesu FT-817 for portable SAT operation of linear transponder multi-mode Satellites

Operating portable SAT ops for APRS