RadioActive News

April 2013

The Preliminary Results for the October 2012 School Round-up (SCR) are in. W4DFU came in first place in the College Category. Look for the final published results in an upcoming issue of QST magazine, the official publication of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League).  Preliminary Results are available, preliminary results click here.

October 2012 W4DFU SCR YouTube Videos:

Ron (KJ4HBF) operating the contest

Mike (W4MIQ) operating the contest

Ron (KJ4HBF) and Christina (KK4MCN) operating the contest

Scott (AJ4VD) and Christina (KK4MCN) operating the contest

Andy (KK4LWR) operating the contest


The February 2013 SCR contest results are trickling in and although we had a smaller effort with less hours of operation it appears we will be in 3rd place for the second SCR contest of the 2012-13 school year. 

The next School Roundup contest is coming up in October 2013.  Make sure to sign up to be on our contest team and come enjoy the fun!