Scholarships. Funding a college education and living expenses is no small challenge.  The Gator Amateur Radio Club has partners in Amateur radio that offer scholarships to students in many fields of study.  Ham radio is a dynamic hobby composed of many avenues of interest.  This is also true of our UF students. There are even scholarships for those planning to study in a health related field such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or nursing!

To be eligible for ham radio supported college scholarship one must hold a valid amateur radio license.  Our club makes this easy by offering licensing courses, tests, and opportunities to obtain experience through activity or volunteerism that give you an advantage in the application process.

The best advantage Amateur radio affords you is in applying for employment after graduation.  This activity is held in high esteem and indicates to potential employers that you are a dedicated individual and problem solver who knows how to put book knowledge into practical application, a higher level thinker.



Foundation for
Amateur Radio - FAR


      The ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program  - Visit this page to view the long list of scholarships available, and application information.  The American Radio Relay League is our national amateur radio organization and the Gator Amateur Radio Club is a member club.

Foundation for Amateur Radio - FAR - Visit this page to learn about their scholarships, 57 scholarships worth a total of over $94,000.  Other radio organization team up with FAR to process their scholarships. One even gives priority to students in N. Central Florida, funded through the Quarter Century Wireless Association.