Operating the W4DFU HF Station
W4DFU Club Equipment, Manuals, Operating Aids

HF1 (Flex-5000A)

HF2 (Kenwood TS-870S)

 HF3 (ICOM IC-730) Manual


Ham Bands Chart

HF Charts Frequencies/Bands

UHF/VHF Charts Frequencies/Bands

Ham Radio Terms

US Grid Squares Map

Considerate Frequency Guide

HF for W4DFU Technicians  10m Video

Antenna Farm and Safety Equipment for Checkout Club Equipment by SN


W4DFU HF Station 1

Full HF1 Operating

FLEX-5000A Manual

Yaesu G-2800 Rotor

W4DFU HF Station 2

Full HF2 Operating

Kenwood TS-870S In Depth

Henry 4K-2 Linear Amp

Tigertronics SignaLink USB interface for digital modes

Kenwood TS-870S Manual

Yaesu G-2800 Rotor

Kenwood TS-870S Service Manual

Kenwood TS-870S Mods

Kenwood TS-870S Schematic

W4DFU HF Station 3

ICOM-730 Manual


W4DFU Antenna Farm
(Mounted on 12th floor)

HF antennas at W4DFU

Antenna Maintenance Primers

Personal Protective Equipment

UF Fall Protection Training Course

PPT slides from Fall Protection Course 

Active Equipment:

HF Operating Position

Serial Number/UF Tag



Flex 5000A HF1

Dell Dimension 8400 HF1
Acer AL1916 Monitor HF1
Acer AL1916 Monitor HF1
Astron SS-30M Pwr Supl.

UF Tag 000000253129
Service Tag 6Z4JT51


Kenwood TS-870S HF2

UF Tag 4910AA152389