Operating HF1 at W4DFU
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Flex Radio FLEX-5000A

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This is our HF1 Operating position.  The FLEX-5000A is a software defined radio.  This page is a summary to guide you through its use.  All users need to read the full manual, practice receiving with the software, and meet with Dr. Garlitz before getting the OK to transmit.

This radio transmits on the 80-6m HF bands.  Members can only operate in the frequency spectrum they are licensed for.  Digital modes are accessed using Ham Radio Deluxe and DM780 software.  Full manuals are on the computer desktop and a summary follows.


The power supply is an Astron switching supply located on the left side of the desk. Above it is an antenna switch that gives you choices for various dipoles.

Match an antenna to a Rig using a short coax jumper. Choices for the FLEX are the Pro-67 Yagi and the Antenna Switch.

Never Operate without an antenna. Use the autotuner feature. Stop transmitting if the software indicates a High SWR.  ALWAYS DISCONNECT the ANTENNAS BEFORE LEAVING! 

  1. Turn on Computer and dual monitors
  2. Connect and Antenna (jumper)
  3. Turn on Power Supply
  4. Turn on Flex Radio (red button)
  5. Open PowerSDR radio software
  6. Press Start graphic within software for the radio to start working...
  7. Select your mode.

Left monitor Desktop

Right monitor, PowerSDR running
  1. Use USB for voice 20m and above
  2. Use LSB for voice 40m and 80m
  3. Use the Antenna Tuner Button and the correct antenna for the band operated
  4. For PSK31 use the digital software and DIGU setting in PowerSDR
  5. The main settings choices are on screen.
  6. use top menus for more settings and choices
  1. Tuning is a mouse drag on the signal screen

  2. A right click will allow for a left click on a signal as seen by peaks on the display

  3. Direct input of frequency on top left

  4. The shuttle pro device can be used for tuning

  5. For Digital Modes Open the Ham Radio Deluxe Software first

Ham Radio Deluxe

DM780 PSK31 SuperBrowser
  1. Other Controls and Features are available using HRD such as PacketCluster...see the tools menu

  2. Use the DM780 button within HRD for running digital modes

  3. Log all contacts in the paper log and sign your name and call

  4. When finished shut down digital software first (DM780, the HRD)

  5. BEFORE EXITING PowerSDR hit the STOP button to stop radio function

  6. Then exit PowerSDR

  7. Now you can shut of fthe radio, then power supply, computer and ALWAYS DISCONNECT the ANTENNA jumper before leaving.

In DM780 PSK31 macros for transmit content shortcut are pre-populated.  Tags are as well...just change your name.  Menus for tags are on the left side button of the PSK31 operating window.

In PowerSDR's VAC section adjust TX Gain so ALC is 0 and make sure you are not overloading the RX (50% or less in DM 780)

DM780 PSK31 and PowerSDR, dual monitor display