AFGAR - Alumni and Friends of Gator Amateur Radio

Open House and Kick-off Reception

We may be a new organization just formed in June 2013 but
we already have a lot of volunteerism to be thankful for.

We kicked off the 2013-14 school year with an open house reception to
honor those who have been offering support to at W4DFU and GARC. 
This event was held Sunday September 15, 2013

Similar equipment donated K4KHQ...

Our Collins Era 1957 Gear has come home in 2013

...and restored by W4PSH

AA4FL, Dr. Jay Garlitz, pounding out a Collins CW QSO with W6K on September 15, 2013


W4PSH, Adrian Snow, showing how to operate the Collins equipment

    We have for larger photos

Samuel Ullman, K4ZVD
Gainesville, FL Incorporator of AFGAR (tax attorney)
Adrian Snow W4PSH
Lutz, FL Restoration of Collins Radios
Gerald Prins, AB4SR St. Augustine, FL Donor of LZ500 Amplifier
Miguel Garcia, W1FO Palm Coast, FL Amplifier Repairs
Jacques Clarke, ex-K4KHQ Coral Gables, FL Donor of 1950's Collins Radios
Mario de Aranzeta, N4TSV Newberry, FL Repairs TS-870s and student internships, employment
Gary Liljegren, W4GAL Tioga, FL Donor of 1930's transmitter
Jeff Capehart, W4UFL
Gainesville, FL Exemplary Years of Service Station and Repeater Manager


Ron, KJ4HBF using LZ500 amp
1930s era transmitter donated W4GAL

For more information contact Dr. Jay Garlitz, AA4FL