Collins Radio Restoration The Gator Amateur Radio Club has a long and storied history. The W4DFU amateur radio station was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest clubs in the country.

Dr. Marvin Moss, W4UXJ,
above at the W4DFU controls using our Collins equipment Circa 1957

In the late 1950's our club equipment included Collins radio equipment.  This equipment had been long lost but due to the generosity of one of our alumna, personal and similar equipment was donated to the club in 2011.  The donor is Jacques Clarke, K4KHQ, of Coral Gables Florida.  He is a 1947 Civil Engineering graduate of University of Florida.


The Collins 75A2 receiver

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Collins 32V3 transmitter


These radios had been stored for years and were in need of evaluation and restoration.  Our AFGAR (Alumni and Friends of Gator Amateur Radio) board member Adrian Snow, W4PSH, came to our aid and offered to donate his time to fully restore the radios to pristine operating condition.  This labor of love had duality of purpose, as a service to the College of Engineering where his son obtained two degrees, and in loving memory of his father who also owned and operated these radios in the 1950's as W4PSH...the Radio Shack of childhood memories.

75A2 front after Restoration

After Restoration at W4DFU 2013

75A2 inside before

75A2 inside after
Matching speaker before

Matching speaker after
32V3 front before

32V3 front after
32V3 inside before

32V3 inside after
W4PSH Showing how to use the Collins Equipment he restored

Dr. Jay Garlitz, AA4FL, pounding out the first QSO - to W6K, 9/15/13

Thank you to both Jacques and Adrian for bringing an important
genre of equipment back home to the University of Florida